What Are Nootropics?

NooClear steers away from the excessive use of stimulants that is now all too common in pre-workouts. Instead, NooClear uses nootropics to fuel you.

Here are a few of the notable differences between nootropics and stimulants:

  •  Nootropics do not have the crash associated with stimulants
  • Unlike stimulants, nootropics have little to no side effects
  •  Nootropics are not taxing on the central nervous system
  •  Long term nootropic use does not present the risk of withdrawal that long term stimulant use does. You’ll get hooked on the results, not the ingredients!    
  • Stimulants can lead to vascular constriction and possibly damage to heart valves. Replacing heavy stimulant use with naturally occuring nootropics can help you avoid this undesired side-effect.

 If you'd like to know more about the research behind NooClear, click here.

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