Why Nootropics? We’re Glad You Asked

Do you ever just go through the motions at the gym and not really feel anything working? 

If you do, that's a huge problem and you're probably wasting a lot of your time at the gym. 

If you don't feel your muscles working, that means you're getting weak muscle contractions. We need strong muscle contractions to induce muscle breakdown and create more opportunity for growth. 

How do we go from weak muscle contractions to stronger ones? 

Well, your brain cells tell your muscles when to contract. This whole phenomenon is called the mind-muscle connection. The mind-muscle connection is strongest when your brain is fully functioning, but many of us struggle to achieve that. 

This is where nootropics come in. 

Nootropics are ingredients that can help improve brain function and increase focus. They do this by optimizing the acetylcholine activity in your body. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that your nervous system uses to activate your muscles. So without acetylcholine, your muscles won't contract. 

The role of acetylcholine is to essentially open the valves to your muscles, and they do this by binding to receptors and allowing the sodium ions to flow through. 

This ion flow is what creates and causes the muscle contraction. 

The more valves we open, the more flow we get, and the stronger the muscle contractions are. This is what we mean by "strengthen mind-muscle connection." 

Nootropics can strengthen your body's ability to send signals from your brain to your muscles. So, if you take all of this and add it to the effects of the other ingredients in NooClear, the result is a revitalized workout where you feel everything working. 

Now, if this all sounds a little too good to be true, I encourage you to go read about nootropics and their effects and look into NooClear a little bit more. 

We hope to connect soon!

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