Ignore The Rain

What's going on WSN Fam?! I hope you've all had an amazing week up to this point and I just wanted to throw you all something to reflect on going into the weekend.
Sometimes I find myself getting into a mindset at the end of the week that it's time to slow down and rest. Take a load off, have a beer, relax, and catch up on some sleep. (side note: sleep that you've lost you can't ever get back, so make sure you're giving yourself the time to ALWAYS get enough sleep. Because once it's gone it's gone forever)
When I get into this mindset I have to remind myself that the pursuance of goals should not stop. Ever. Even on the weekends. It may look different and less intense than what I do during the week, but I still need to constantly be getting after it. After all, time is a currency that never comes back into your wallet so don't waste it and spend it wisely.
So this article goes out to my people that are chasing. You're constantly working towards your goals and dreams and because of that YOU ARE GOING TO GET THEM. I'm not saying it's going to be easy. You will face challenges, adversities, obstacles, and set backs. Learning to work through those difficulties and overcome them is an important part of the chase.
I came up with a metaphor that I wanted to give you all to remember when those challenges come.
When I left the gym today it was raining. I looked outside as I opened the door, felt the rain, ignored it, and kept moving on to my car. I had to get to my car to get home so I ignored the rain and, of course, made it to my car.
For some reason the thought of simply walking through the rain with determination stuck with me and lead me to this:
Chasing your goals is like walking through a parking lot to your car. And the rain is like your adversities. If you want to get to your goals you have to get through those difficulties and ignore their existence. You have to be resilient and keep moving forward. 
I want you to keep this thought in the back of your mind as you all continue on your journey. Ignore the rain. It doesn't exist. You're going to get wet. But your destination is worth it.
Get after it
- Anthony
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