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what is nooclear?

NooClear is the game-changing pre-workout & athletic fuel powered by nootropics. Rather than stimulating the body, NooClear enhances the mind-to-muscle connection: the connection between your brain and your muscles.

enhance your mind

the benefits

The special blend of naturally occurring nootropics in NooClear gives you unparalleled endurance, increased cognitive function, and greater mental focus.  You won't develop a tolerance and it has long term benefits!
Curious how it all works? Check out our research page.

strengthen with nootropics

ZERO Crash, Zero Jitters, Zero Sugar

Unlike other preworkouts, NooClear has ZERO crash, gives ZERO jitters, and contains ZERO sugar. The nootropic effects can even last for hours after your training, leaving you fully awake with a ready mind to take on the rest your day!

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who we are

We are Walden Sports Nutrition. We created NooClear after coming to the conclusion that other preworkout supplements just weren't cutting it anymore. They were underdosed, caused stimulant crashes, and had negative long term consequences. Most importantly, they all failed to aid the most important part of the body: the brain.

That's why we developed NooClear, The Athlete's Nootropic Fuel.

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